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Spray8 Wound Care Mist. No Sting & For Diabetics

Spray8 Wound Care Mist. No Sting & For Diabetics


Spray8 100mL Wound Care for Eczema

Spray8 Skin Care Suitable for Eczema & Dermatitis.

Spray8 Wound Care Mist. No Sting & For Diabetics

“Spray8® Reduces Pain, Inflammation, Eliminates Bacteria and
3x faster tissue/skin growth."

Backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Fast Acting - Get noticeable improvement in your wounds within 24 hours. Experience results within 2 weeks. Backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Effective - Spray8® Reduces Pain, Inflammation, Eliminates Bacteria and increases tissue regeneration.

Safe and Natural - Made in an FDA-registered GMP certified cosmetic & traditional medicine facility from natural healing ingredients.

No Pain & Sting - Ultimate Gentle Hypoallergenic formulation.

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Spray8 Wound Care
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Are You Prediabetic or have Diabetes?
You have to read this, about wounds.

Wounds can be slow and hard to heal especially if you have diabetes. Typical wounds heal within about 1 week while diabetic wounds can take more than 3 months even years to heal, this is a result of wounds being more easily infected.

Often wound problems include being slow to heal, smelly and embarassing. It can result in disability or worst amputation. Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you have tried everything to try to treat your wound. Or have a loved one whom is diabetic with wound/skin problems?

Spray8® is the ultimate solution. With 3 in 1 action to heal your wounds effectively without the stress and pain.


Can Spray8® Help Treat Wounds Effectively?

Yes! Before we show you how Spray8® works, there is something you must know.

Great wound management comes from the use of good antisceptic agents which ideally are not nontoxic to skin cells. Most anticeptics kill healthy tissue and skin cells stopping regeneration.

No matter how effective the medication is, there is no use if it can't promote the growth of health skin tissue (VEGF & MMMP-3 Upregulation).

Spray8® is different.

Spray8® is specially designed to kill harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation, stimulate and support growth of health tissue. It contains DermaXan® clinically proven to improve wound healing.

How Spray8® works to Eliminates Wound Problems.

1. Immediately upon spraying, Spray8® penetrates your skin and kills harmful bacteria and fungi that cause infection and irritation in stressed skin.

2. The strong natural active starts to work as a anti-inflammation agent reducing swelling and reducing pain immediately.

3. Powerful Natural DermaXan®, has rare growth factors which stimulate formation of blood vessels and tissue structure. This stimulates good blood flow rapidly promting the growth of skin and tissue repair. Further preventing further damage from happening.

8 Ways Spray8® is Different

Difference #1: Scientifically Proven to Work

Spray8® Wound Care is proven to be extremely effective in clinical, hosptial and focus groups.

Spray8® Wound Caret is recommended both by physicians and customers worldwide. Additionally,Spray8® Wound Care is non-steroidal, has NO reported side effects, and does not conflict with other medications.

In a Study conducted by a third party, independent laboratory, test results proved that Spray8® kills Bacteria, Yeast and Mold, Reduces Inflammation and genetically stimulates angeiogensis (blood vessel growth) in less than 2 weeks.


Difference 2: Simple and Easy to use.

Unlike most wound care options involving several creams or gels Spray8® has 3 in action with just 1 simple to use spray.


Difference 3: Reduces Scaring

After 21 days of usage of Spray8® reduces the formation of scar tissue of wounds dramatically.
While stimulating and improving tissue growth recovery.


Difference 4: Safe for All Ages

Using a dermatologist tested base formulation. Spray8® is mild and suitable for sensitive skin. Further more all ingredients in Spray8® are natural and suitable for toddlers and above.


Difference 5: Effective for many Skin Conditions

Excellent for minor cuts, burns and grazes.
Has been used for more severe skin problems such as chronic wounds and septic wounds.

Diabetic ulcer
Diabetic Wounds
Bed Sore
Toe Ulcer
Gangrene (After debirement)
Water Burn
Injection site
Swelling/Inflammation related skin problem.

Experience 3x faster wound healing & recovery in a simple spray which does not hurt.


Difference 6: Doctor & Specalist Recommended

Due to the ease of application and low per application costs medical health professionals love using Spray8®.
It is a usual first point of call before administering other treatments. Results seen within 2 weeks.


Difference 7: Used in Hospitals and Clinics

Now made available over the counter at pharmacies and drug stores. It used to be exclusively for Hospitals and Specalist centers use.


Difference 8: Backed by 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that Spray8® will work for your skin condition. Most customers see a noticeable improvement in wound healing in 2 weeks. Once applied, Spray8® starts to work to improve your wounds immediately.

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days of your initial purchase, and we'll give you back your money. No questions asked.


Spray8® is the Worlds Leader for
frustration free
diabetic wound care.


Wound Care Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms


What are Diabetic Wound?

They are wounds encountered by people suffering from prediabetic (undiagnosed or have moderate to high blood sugar) and diabetic individuals. What is concerning is that diabetics are more likely to get an infection even though they are on medication.

How is diabetes and wound care linked?

Higher blood sugar in the bloodstream suppresses the immune system and prediabetics have more sugar in their bloodstream which feeds microorganisms results in an infection and sometimes even sepsis on the skin.

How to reduce the risk of infection for skin and wounds?

Immediately wash the skin around the wound with clean water and apply antiseptic creams ensuring the wound is clean.

What should I look out for in a Wound Care product?

Any of the following: Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammation and tissue regeneration as unique selling points.


About Spray8® - Wound Care - No Sting, Scar Control.

It all starts with DermaXan® a standardized fraction of Garcinia mangostana which has been proven at a genetic level to have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and angeneosis. Truly simplifying wound care by being 3 in 1 with just a spray. It is not just for diabetic wound healing, it is the preferred choice for everyday wound care at home.

Scientifically Supported Results

Through extensive research we were able to conclude 3x Faster Skin & Wound Healing*
(Based on diabetic wound care studies in the lab and at hospitals)

Why has Spray8® become a brand trusted by doctors?

It took 10 years, sound scientific research and relevant ministry of health approvals, wound care has now been simplified with just one spray with experiencing discomfort and pain. It is for external use only.

In a healthcare setting the wound is cleaned debridement if required and Spray8® is sprayed directly on the wound. Allowed to dry and covered if required.
It has been priced to be affordable by everyone around the world inline with the vision of Furley Bioextracts to help everyone live a fulfilling life.

Trusted by Doctors

Available at trusted Hospitals (Hospital Kuala Lumpur), Clinics & Pharmacies
Proven to stimulate growth factors MMMP-3 (remodeling) & VEGF (blood vessel) exactly what you need for wound & skin regeneration (ask your doctor)

Reduced Scaring

Scar formuation is reduced when Spray8® is used immedately after cleaning of the wound, this was observed in a 2 week study which showed signfnicant reduction in scaring when using Spray8® compared to no treatment.

Can it be used in conjunction with my existing wound care treatment?

Yes, Spray8® has been used as an adjunct treatment which can be used along-side standard wound care procedures. To be applied after irrigation of the wound.
A natural effective wound treatment spray capable of even treating diabetic wounds for all skin types.
Pain-Free, Rapid Absorption Formula

Full Ingredient List:
Water, DermaXan (Garcinia Mangostana L Pericarp Extract), Botanical Extracts (Q. Infectoria, A. Indica, Phyllanthus Niruri & C. Odorata),  PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Caprylyl Glycol and 2-Phenylethanol and Essential Oils.

Product Registrations & Endorsements

Ministry of Health registration: MAL16090005T

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